We think you’ll be inspired by the people behind the Soap Co - producers of the beautiful bath and beauty products in our bathrooms.

Who makes the soap?

We have recently partnered with an amazing social enterprise that makes the beautiful bath and beauty products in your bathrooms.

Yet The Soap Co. is no ordinary soap manufacturer; of its 110 employees, 80% have a disability or long-term health condition. Its hand crafted, eco-ethical products are made in small batches and are award-winning, as you would expect when you stay at one of our hotels.

And the people who make The Soap Co. are as exceptional as the products themselves, like Trudy. She’s been working at the social enterprise for 31 years, joining straight from school. “If I didn’t have my job I would be at home in bed, depressed,” says Trudy. “I would be lacking my independence. If I wasn’t working here, I wouldn’t have learnt anything. I would probably never have been employed.”

Trudy suffers from epilepsy, diabetes and has mild learning difficulties but really loves her work and the family atmosphere at The Soap Co.’s semi-automated factory site in London’s East End. “It’s really like being at home, working with family.”

We’d also like you to meet Ozzie, one of the many true characters here who heads up the Social Committee. A lifelong Spurs supporter, he joined the social enterprise in 1992 and is registered blind. “I just woke up one morning and my sight was gone,” explains Ozzie. “I had to learn quickly and train hard to work as a blind person. Before I went blind, I used to work in a ladies’ shoe factory making shoes. Today, I am an assistant team leader – responsible for managing, training and supporting a team of up to 10 staff who craft and quality control our soap bars, making sure they are ready for packaging and sale.

“Working at The Soap Co. has given me my independence. Without my job I simply couldn’t support my wife and children.”

Please do watch our Time to Rethink Blindness video:

Remember, every time you use The Soap Co. you are helping create work for people with disabilities and helping us to close the disability employment gap.

For all business enquiries please contact b2b@thesoapco.org