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About Our Rooms.

We have 37 rooms set across four floors, simply arranged by size. They go S, M, L, XL, XXL, and then there is the private dorm, a room so big it just can't be categorised.

all rooms benefit from the following awesomeness.

The Basics.


Check-in time is any time after 2pm, feel free to arrive at the hotel before this time and we can store your luggage until your room is ready to allow you to enjoy your day.


Your check-out time is 11am. If you aren't a morning person and would like a late check-out, please ask at reception.

In room snacking.

You can order all the food and drink you'd like to your room, 24 hours a day.

Lock & Key.

Please make sure your room door is closed fully when entering or leaving.

Fresh air policy.

Smoking is an absolute no go at this hotel, if you wish to remain our friend, you will observe this rule.