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Contact us for the best rates for STAY Central. The best and cheapest offers are always available directly here through our official website, you won’t find cheaper deals for our Edinburgh Old Town hotel anywhere else.

There’s only one number you’ll need and that’s our front desk
0131 622 6801

Where we stay
139 Cowgate

A short stroll from everywhere
It’s fair to say we ain’t called Central for nothing. Here is a handy guide of what is nearby:

Cowgate. Doorstep
The Three Sisters bar. A stumble

And if you do make it out and about:

Grassmarket. easy stagger
Cabaret Voltaire bar & club. here already
Ghost tour. next door
Royal Mile. scenic route
Edinburgh Castle. bit of a saunter
Waverley train station. brisk hike
Edinburgh Dungeons. not far
Retail therapy. quick stroll
Hair salons. worth the walk
Tattoo parlours. round to corner
Paintball. available by foot
Football pitches. time to bus hop
Go karting. taxi!

Additional information about the hotel
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